Friday, October 22, 2010

Lemon-Juice Skin treatment

Hi guys, I haven't kept to my promise but I will make it up soonest. This is going to be a short and straightforward one. Lately, I have been reacting to makeup or my new cleanser (Clinique) not sure which one yet. Or, it could just be my hormones. Anyway, I was reading a lot of articles, blogs, books (whatever I could get my hands or eyes on) to find out what I can use to clear up the mess that has begun and I decided to go the natural route because God knows it is way cheaper and I'm just tired of all the things out there that could be good for one but in the end utterly useless. I stumbled on the lemon skin treatment on a blog I recently found. After reading more on it from eHow I decided to go with it. Here is one of the links; lemon juice treatent. So as I type, I have lemon juice squeezed all over my face, I hope to be consistent with it and see what it looks like in the next two weeks (this is the time it takes to see results.) Unfortunately, I can't show you what my breakout looks like now for a before shot. This is a time when I wish I had my camera already! Oh well. I am working on it so please be patient, I'll soon have yummy pictures to keep this blog exciting and alive!

Have a lovely friday night or am folks!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Hello!! Is anyone there? Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please come back!!!!!! Pretty pleasee.

I have been very bad I know. It's been half a year already and not even 1 post for each month. Arghhh and I know my excuses of being so caught up with real life, or my trying to figure out the future excuses won't cut it this time. I'm sowwwy...I've really missed blogging though, it's just that sometimes I get the usual writer's block, lazy, extremely tired and oh yea LAZY! I have to work harder on this. Now I'm sure you all aren't that mean so I'm guessing I've been forgiven. Right? Yeah!!! Thanks. Lol.

So on to blog business. Where do I even begin from. I have so much on my mind to dish to you all that I feel like I need to organize it in several post. I may just do that. Actually first things first, I am thinking of redesigning my blog to reflect my true character. I am not sure just how yet but I want a big change. I also want a change in the categorizations of my topics. Seeing as I like a great number of things, I want to have posts on fashion, rants, Blog favs, relationships, Cafes and restaurants in Atlanta (oh yea!), awesome boutique finds, maybe an OOTD (stole that from another of my fav blogs), Makeup (Did I tell you all that I have a new love! Will tell you more about it), *thinking some more* Well you get the picture. I should probably have days for the topics too right? But then too much conformity may bore me or y'all. I'll just post as they come.

Next, catching up. I still don't know where to being from *wailing hysterically, because, I can't make up my mind on where to start from*

Oh yeah let's start from late April then transition through my graduation, life after graduation, new found love; makeup, road trip, braces, work and then finally fall!

So after graduation in early may things were errr NORMAL, it didn't even seem like I just got through a huge phase in my life. I went back to work and a very long summer. This summer for some strange reason I did not travel to explore some exotic land. It was and is work work work. I'm thankful I have the job though!

I took a mini break in July. The boo and I went on a roadtrip to Raleigh, NC. That was about the only break I had the whole summer. Then it was back to work. Also In July, I got my braces!!! (Really glad about this because I have dreamed of straighter teeth like forever) Mind you I didn't have the worst teeth. My dear sister and best friend went to NC for grad school and thus relocated :( in July too. It was bittersweet. I also found my new love; MAKEUP about then to nurse all the wounds...just joking but I became crazy about it with all the awesome blogs out there; temptalia and IslandBeauty (some of my favorites, do check them out) I splurged on so much makeup goodies one would have thought I was on crack makeup. I still have more on my wishlist, I just need to nurse the wallet back to its original state before beginning once more.
Ahhh let me see, I think I covered the significant things in a nutshell. Yeah, I also attended numerous weddings too! Well, I'm off to go prepare for Desperate housewives.

Please do stop by soon! I will try to be more consistent. Love you all lots.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Being Sensitive to your Partners Tender Sensibilities

Hello Everyone! It's been a quick month! The year is definitely not waiting for anyone is it? I'm glad its going on and I'm thankful for life and joys of family and friends.

Apart from being super busy and joining in the numerous wedding festivities (Seems like I had a wedding event or bridal shower the whole of April) , I have been preparing for Graduation at last. Days when I feel I have had too much grad prep on my shoulder I while away on other blogs! It's amazing how many great blogs are out there and they all tackle different life issues that I sometimes deal or think about!

I love Essence! Their lifestyle articles tend to be true talk. Now, I might disagree with some of their reasonings but in general they tend to be on my page. Recently, I came across their article

Spouse-Proofing Your Life. It took me back to something that had occurred about 2 weeks ago. Although their article deals with a married couple, I feel like such situations as the one described in the article occur in dating relationships. And as an early disclaimer, this is by no means no jealous topic article. What happens if you suddenly came across something that belonged to a current spouse/significant other. Something he/she wore everyday or at least had in plain sight. What reactions would you get when you found out that it was a gift from an ex? And despite the relationship being long over with he chooses to possess the gift still. Or...If an ex of your partner came into town and the partner is all about catching up on what had happened between them since they went separate ways while the current partner is left in the shadows? The question becomes Do we take the time to be sensitive to each others tender sensibilities? Many at times we don't and the damage is done after the catching up has been made. Why is it that despite trust and love for one another the partner in the shadow manages to get a little hurt with the less than wise decisions made by their partner. And to make it more annoying, sometimes the partner catching up on things that have occurred sees little or no wrong in their actions. What are your thought?

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I haven't been good with updating often like I did initially! I'm sowwwy. I've been mad busy and you know how you get no inspiration to write when your tired blah blah blah. But I'll try to update more often even if it's for eye candy for the day! I'll try didn't say it was a promise o!

Well, with me being busy and tired, I still had a little energy to browse other blogs and websites And I've come across some interesting finds! like how Nigerians are really chasing their dreams! It only makes me think and want to chase mine (I am not sure if I want to be an architect? maybe a designer of some sort or an entrepreneur?) Wait till the parents (especially the father) hear about that! Hmm

On to these young and very inspiring Nigerians:

Bella from BellaNaija was featured on Oprah! Wow yup! and it was her life long dream. She was on the Price of Beauty Show and talked about the price of beauty in Nigeria. I love her blog so much and I was only too happy to read her story! She also put up her picture which is a first I believe and she is definitely pretty! Nice to see strong beautiful women.

I have only started reading Onada's blog! I love it totally! And I feel like I know her. I love her fashion flare and she's a photographer as well! Her photographs are gorgeous! She also runs an online boutique; The White Dress Shop, with fabulous finds.

My cousin, who's the same age as me just published his first book on entrepreneurship! Kudos love!

I feel like I should feature my top 5 or top 10 soon! You know what, I'll do that. My top (something) for Young Nigerian (Something, I'll look for an appropriate classification)

So, who do you all admire in your various communities amongst the upcoming youngsters?

Have a wonderful day guys! I'm just starting mine!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Connection to fame

drum roll jokes. I feel like I should be in a magazine with the title "Who wore it better?"

Nah I think Gabrielle Union and I look equally as nice! Thanks Sis for pointing it out to me!

Eating Healthier on a Lighter Note

Hi all!

This is going to be a quick one! My week has been so so not too busy yet not too free! But tonight I get to go on a mysterious date with my Mr. and he refuses to let me know what it is we are going to see/view.

Talking about him! He loves this awesome stew called "Designer Stew" "Aya Mase" or just plain old "Mama Put Stew" I make it every now and then, but my sister and cousin make a more banging version of it! plus they enjoy doing it most times :( lol! I cook for all of you who think I don't. I do! and when I do it's always delicious! The Aya Mase stew is delcious especially when made hot, unfortunately I am cutting down on it this year because it is made with a killer oil! Palm Oil. And Loads of it for that matter!

So he is craving it and sends me a message at work! (we communicate a lot through our work e-mails during the week :) ) Read the short request, my response and then his response!


me too and you know what I smell with it! bad health habits with the palm oil in it! You shld eat that only 2wice a year and you have surely exceeded that 2wice!!! What ever happened to you eating good honey!


Mr. is in Blue

I found it funny and thought I would share BTW

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Healthy Habits

It's the weekend and I am cleaning my house!!! Atlanta finally blesses us with nice warm weather today compared to the other frightfully cold days!

And as I took a break from cleaning to check my mail this morning I stumbled on this issue on health...(On yahoo) called Protect Your Heart At Every Age. They break it down according to the different decades of a woman's life span; starting from 20 till 50. And it got me thinking that I should properly start being extra conscious! It freaked me out just a little too because some of the signs at the different ages were very much like some of the signs I have seen in the women of my family. In this fast, technology based world we live in, it is so easy not to see these symptoms and also to be a victim of Heart Disease!

An example from the first decade (20) presented is

In Your 20s

Stub Out a Social Smoking Habit Smoking is enemy number one when it comes to heart disease, and even just a few cigarettes can do damage: New research from McGill University in Montreal found that smoking just one cigarette a day stiffens your arteries by a whopping 25 percent. Plus, smoking erases the hormonal advantage you have from estrogen, which can leave you vulnerable to a heart attack before menopause, explains Dr. Bonow.

Now, you know how you feel good with yourself right of the bat when you know you do not fall in a category! whew! I was delighted! yes! At least I do not smoke...but so many of these young children do??? and I wonder what do they find tasty in that stick? And to make it worse they endanger us folks who do not want to smoke by puffing right in our faces! People, I am not against people who smoke but the habit! Do you but please don't endanger our lives!

The lists of ways to prevent and symptoms of certain activities goes on and is very insightful indeed! Please take the time to read and take note, you may probably prolong your life in the process!

So from today, I am going to try my best to avoid things and activities that would make me more prone to such diseases. In other words I will maintain healthy Habits!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Cheating the Norm now?

Why do men cheat? Hell Why do women cheat? I believe it is important to realize that both sexes are capable of cheating! But the question remains why? And I am aware that this is one of those topics that may have been exhausted but still I wonder.

The pleasure? (because boy is it temporary) I just don't understand and this is not coming from a woman that has been cheated on. I see it very predominant in the Nigerian culture now (well all over the world really but I am only capable of analyzing the nigerian culture because that's where I am from) Call me Biased...Whatever.

It's disappointing to see a mid-aged man and his wife with a family that seems so perfect, only to find out that the man spends all the money on an outside fellow while he neglects his family. The neglect that makes me even more upset is that that results to him spending lesser time on engaging in valuable activities with his family like traveling with, education of, exploring with, adventure with and developing his family.

Arghhhh I could go on and on! but I'll stop here for now! I'll let you all give your opinions on this much talked about topic!


Ahhh! I want to go and show of my wrist watch in Nigeria! All my friends are wearing it now, I'll look at it and then take of my eye! Now I have bought my own so I can place my hand like this! (making a hand movement that shows of his watch)

Inside the movement! You see inside the movement!

My dad is hilarious! lately I do not know! He gets so excited when he gets one of his new items! So the latest one is his wrist watch, my bad (what! God-forbid I forget to mention the make) it's the Girard Perregaux Watch! His latest item. He is so excited about it!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Zebra Escapes!

In my comfy sitting room at the moment and I have not moved from my spot on the couch for the past 2 hours! I kid you not! Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice have got me hooked on thursdays 9pm-11pm. The funny thing is my neck aches from the position I have it in and my head hurts from being in front of the screen for so long. But! No I refuse to move or even change the position just a little, lest I lose the little bit of comfort or ease I have on this sofa!

Any hoos! TGIF!

Weird Breaking news! Only in Atlanta does a Zebra escape (Hence the Title) from where you might ask? (me I do not know o!) only to be on the loose on the highway! I am shocked. Later these Oyinbos will be asking us if I have seen a lion, talkless of a Zebra! At least we do not have them roaming our "expressways" lol

What Luck!

In an attempt to start blogging again, I find that my old blog is no longer available! Talk about having a motivation! Now I am forced to start from scratch...Oh Well They say New Year! New Beginnings! (Come to think about it, do they?) Well maybe it's new beginnings indeed!

I'll begin by reintroducing myself again! My name is well topsylavy (I can't reveal who am I kidding, I am sure everyone and anyone that knows me may recall my blog name) for now I'll continue as topsylavy! I really have no structure for this blog yet so let's see how the third time at maintaining a blog goes! Well that's that! And I know y'all are thinking come on? is that an introduction...well...I am bad at introductions and I feel you will get to know me as I continue to ramble on this blog! fingers crossed!

So! Yeah! to this blog in 2010! Cheers! I should be back with another post tonight on 100 things that describe me ( I nicked that off another blog I have enjoyed reading in the past 2 days! Just dicovered it...dn't ask how. I can not get enough of this blog! Low's Mental Floss where have you been all my life! and to think this blog stopped being updated in 2007! I still love it though! )

Till then!