Thursday, February 18, 2010

Zebra Escapes!

In my comfy sitting room at the moment and I have not moved from my spot on the couch for the past 2 hours! I kid you not! Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice have got me hooked on thursdays 9pm-11pm. The funny thing is my neck aches from the position I have it in and my head hurts from being in front of the screen for so long. But! No I refuse to move or even change the position just a little, lest I lose the little bit of comfort or ease I have on this sofa!

Any hoos! TGIF!

Weird Breaking news! Only in Atlanta does a Zebra escape (Hence the Title) from where you might ask? (me I do not know o!) only to be on the loose on the highway! I am shocked. Later these Oyinbos will be asking us if I have seen a lion, talkless of a Zebra! At least we do not have them roaming our "expressways" lol

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