Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Luck!

In an attempt to start blogging again, I find that my old blog is no longer available! Talk about having a motivation! Now I am forced to start from scratch...Oh Well They say New Year! New Beginnings! (Come to think about it, do they?) Well maybe it's new beginnings indeed!

I'll begin by reintroducing myself again! My name is well topsylavy (I can't reveal who am I kidding, I am sure everyone and anyone that knows me may recall my blog name) for now I'll continue as topsylavy! I really have no structure for this blog yet so let's see how the third time at maintaining a blog goes! Well that's that! And I know y'all are thinking come on? is that an introduction...well...I am bad at introductions and I feel you will get to know me as I continue to ramble on this blog! fingers crossed!

So! Yeah! to this blog in 2010! Cheers! I should be back with another post tonight on 100 things that describe me ( I nicked that off another blog I have enjoyed reading in the past 2 days! Just dicovered it...dn't ask how. I can not get enough of this blog! Low's Mental Floss where have you been all my life! and to think this blog stopped being updated in 2007! I still love it though! )

Till then!

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Kash said...

LOL I can't believe your old blog was no longer there! Oh well, do better with this one please and thanks! *Kisses*