Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Being Sensitive to your Partners Tender Sensibilities

Hello Everyone! It's been a quick month! The year is definitely not waiting for anyone is it? I'm glad its going on and I'm thankful for life and joys of family and friends.

Apart from being super busy and joining in the numerous wedding festivities (Seems like I had a wedding event or bridal shower the whole of April) , I have been preparing for Graduation at last. Days when I feel I have had too much grad prep on my shoulder I while away on other blogs! It's amazing how many great blogs are out there and they all tackle different life issues that I sometimes deal or think about!

I love Essence! Their lifestyle articles tend to be true talk. Now, I might disagree with some of their reasonings but in general they tend to be on my page. Recently, I came across their article

Spouse-Proofing Your Life. It took me back to something that had occurred about 2 weeks ago. Although their article deals with a married couple, I feel like such situations as the one described in the article occur in dating relationships. And as an early disclaimer, this is by no means no jealous topic article. What happens if you suddenly came across something that belonged to a current spouse/significant other. Something he/she wore everyday or at least had in plain sight. What reactions would you get when you found out that it was a gift from an ex? And despite the relationship being long over with he chooses to possess the gift still. Or...If an ex of your partner came into town and the partner is all about catching up on what had happened between them since they went separate ways while the current partner is left in the shadows? The question becomes Do we take the time to be sensitive to each others tender sensibilities? Many at times we don't and the damage is done after the catching up has been made. Why is it that despite trust and love for one another the partner in the shadow manages to get a little hurt with the less than wise decisions made by their partner. And to make it more annoying, sometimes the partner catching up on things that have occurred sees little or no wrong in their actions. What are your thought?