Monday, April 11, 2011

Strips and Banana lollies

It's Spring and I'm so in love with this weather. I can't even remember the winter feeling which was barely a week and a half ago! I love to dress up in spring and with this year's trends I am too excited to start. Today was a nice Monday. I picked up a salmon blouse from Urban Outfitters to go with my new strip maxi skirt  my sister got me for christmas! I'd been looking for a blouse to go with it for a while now so I was excited to find this number on sale at UO during my break from work and school. View the pictures below. 

Blouse: Urban Outfitters, Skirt: H&M

And to cool of this nice Monday evening I picked up some banana lollies from publix! So refreshing and yummy. Have a good start to the week!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Where is the year rushing too?


Love Letter in a Box

I am a hopeless romantic. My sister is also. We've always been hopeless romantics. I feel this has played a strong role in our love relationships. For the longest time, I had to have my prince charming and he had to fit the qualities I had dreamed up. These qualities didn't focus on looks as much as the focused on the way I was wooed (such an old lingo I know) We love anything that showed the man did his homework to win over his love or profess his love so to speak. Sigh, so when we were suddenly woken up from such dreams from previous relationships we were a little heartbroken but being the hopeful romantics that we are, we kept it moving, hoping that someday the future men out there; the men we would end up with would get it!

Ok so the reason why I have bored you with such a long story of romance and all is because I found these delicate love letter boxes made by IJORERE I love IJORERE for starters for so many reasons. First the founder of IJORERE is a nigerian woman who is so creative. She has gone outside the box to create such unique invitations and papery. I believe she also studied architecture and worked as one at some point (which is what I studied in school btw). It seems like she took a risk to let her ideas flourish and seems to be doing great! Well back to the boxes and my romantic side. The boxes are wooden and contain chocolates and hand written (calligraphy style) letters on vellum (if you know what vellum is and how pretty ink sits on it, you are in for a delight) Basically, a loved one can send their love letter (thoughts, poem, whatever) to IJORERE and have them hand write it on the vellum paper of their choice (two colors) Some chocolates are included in the package and it is shipped off to the loved ones indicated. I like the fact that they have so many options. One may choose to hand write on the vellum themselves or opt for a special calligraphy writing. I also like the fact that she has collaborated with the chocolate maker;for lack of a better word(don't know what to call them) and has included as one of the chocolates in the set, a chocolate that looks just like her logo! Please click on  IJORERE to view the delights!

Have a lavy evening. 

Tree Face

Hi blogsville! The weekend is going by so quick with errands and school work for me. I wanted to drop by real quick and share a witty image I came across while doing my homework. Tree Face :) I may stop by through out this weekend with quick posts and images! BTW I am loving Zara's clean cuts and mod-inspired outfits atm! I need to get paid quick and go shopping! :)

Have a Lavy evening.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Have you ever secretly wanted to do something so exciting but never go to it. Like Dirty dance in a club in Havana, with a handsome partner who moves so good with you, you know the dance where everyone watches in awe as you and your partner move together, the heat rising and moisture begins to form from the vigorous steps, yet so sexy...yah. sigh. That's me. I blame it on Dirty Dancing: Havanna. The movie. After seeing it for the first time, I dreamed of how exciting it would be to leave in Cuba and dance away the night in your tight fitted dresses moving to the beautiful beat of the music.

Lately, I've been exploring dance and searching for dance classes I can take in the Atlanta area; mainly at Georgia Tech. There are so many classes, I just need to schedule one into my tight M-T schedule. Salsa dancing really caught my attention. I like the exotic feel to it, the beat and just the sexiness that exudes from it. I am going to do another post on Salsa. More on the history, the dance itself and places where you can salsa dance in Atlanta. I came across an interesting video on a salsa website recently. It is a combination of various clips from dance movies with an awesome soundtrack. If any of you are music and movie junkie's like me (especially latina, romantic movie lovers) you will recognize a few movies and actors. Now I want to re-watch all the movies in this video combo. Click on the video link and enjoy!

Have a lavy evening.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

How you doing?

I started my Master's program this year and it is very exciting so far. I think the exciting part stems from the anticipation of graduating next May and handing my degree to my parents, then asking them "Are you happy now" lol ... no not totally. I just want to get it checked off though as one of the accomplishments. Honestly, I really just want to work and gain lots of experience and mula at the same time and have all the freedom of the whole wide world while traveling several cities, islands along the way, Sigh. I'm getting ahead of myself here but you get the picture. I am at this stage where I am little confused with exactly what I should be doing. I do have so many interests and loves I feel I should and can pursue but of-course that won't make no money at the moment, hence the education/degree route first. Well hey, at least I would have the degree to fall back on. Anywayz, I'm sorry guys that my first post/2nd post (however way you look at it) is a rant. Can't help it. That's how I feel now. On to other things. I really really want a camera. A good good camera. One of those SLR's, yah know. That way this blog can be so much more fun, interactive and creative. I also do need a new look on this blog. Maybe that should be my new project. I'd like to involve you guys too! So finger's crossed new things, more stability and consistency, dedication to the people of blogsville, commitment and so help me God, I shall live up to the expectations of my followers (wait, do I have any anymore?) *shrug* Oh well! I'm really really tired and sleepy, hence the funny talk! Adios people. (I'll leave y'all with my last year May's graduation picture)

Have a Lavy night. Smooches.

Jewelry Giveaway!

I know it has been ages but I have a quick treat for you all! There is a giveaway on and boy are they a nice pair! Head over to fashionsteelenyc blog to catch a glimpse of these darlings and to enter into the giveaway contest! Stay tuned for a post soon :)