Saturday, February 26, 2011

Love Letter in a Box

I am a hopeless romantic. My sister is also. We've always been hopeless romantics. I feel this has played a strong role in our love relationships. For the longest time, I had to have my prince charming and he had to fit the qualities I had dreamed up. These qualities didn't focus on looks as much as the focused on the way I was wooed (such an old lingo I know) We love anything that showed the man did his homework to win over his love or profess his love so to speak. Sigh, so when we were suddenly woken up from such dreams from previous relationships we were a little heartbroken but being the hopeful romantics that we are, we kept it moving, hoping that someday the future men out there; the men we would end up with would get it!

Ok so the reason why I have bored you with such a long story of romance and all is because I found these delicate love letter boxes made by IJORERE I love IJORERE for starters for so many reasons. First the founder of IJORERE is a nigerian woman who is so creative. She has gone outside the box to create such unique invitations and papery. I believe she also studied architecture and worked as one at some point (which is what I studied in school btw). It seems like she took a risk to let her ideas flourish and seems to be doing great! Well back to the boxes and my romantic side. The boxes are wooden and contain chocolates and hand written (calligraphy style) letters on vellum (if you know what vellum is and how pretty ink sits on it, you are in for a delight) Basically, a loved one can send their love letter (thoughts, poem, whatever) to IJORERE and have them hand write it on the vellum paper of their choice (two colors) Some chocolates are included in the package and it is shipped off to the loved ones indicated. I like the fact that they have so many options. One may choose to hand write on the vellum themselves or opt for a special calligraphy writing. I also like the fact that she has collaborated with the chocolate maker;for lack of a better word(don't know what to call them) and has included as one of the chocolates in the set, a chocolate that looks just like her logo! Please click on  IJORERE to view the delights!

Have a lavy evening. 

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