Thursday, February 17, 2011


Have you ever secretly wanted to do something so exciting but never go to it. Like Dirty dance in a club in Havana, with a handsome partner who moves so good with you, you know the dance where everyone watches in awe as you and your partner move together, the heat rising and moisture begins to form from the vigorous steps, yet so sexy...yah. sigh. That's me. I blame it on Dirty Dancing: Havanna. The movie. After seeing it for the first time, I dreamed of how exciting it would be to leave in Cuba and dance away the night in your tight fitted dresses moving to the beautiful beat of the music.

Lately, I've been exploring dance and searching for dance classes I can take in the Atlanta area; mainly at Georgia Tech. There are so many classes, I just need to schedule one into my tight M-T schedule. Salsa dancing really caught my attention. I like the exotic feel to it, the beat and just the sexiness that exudes from it. I am going to do another post on Salsa. More on the history, the dance itself and places where you can salsa dance in Atlanta. I came across an interesting video on a salsa website recently. It is a combination of various clips from dance movies with an awesome soundtrack. If any of you are music and movie junkie's like me (especially latina, romantic movie lovers) you will recognize a few movies and actors. Now I want to re-watch all the movies in this video combo. Click on the video link and enjoy!

Have a lavy evening.

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