Thursday, February 10, 2011

How you doing?

I started my Master's program this year and it is very exciting so far. I think the exciting part stems from the anticipation of graduating next May and handing my degree to my parents, then asking them "Are you happy now" lol ... no not totally. I just want to get it checked off though as one of the accomplishments. Honestly, I really just want to work and gain lots of experience and mula at the same time and have all the freedom of the whole wide world while traveling several cities, islands along the way, Sigh. I'm getting ahead of myself here but you get the picture. I am at this stage where I am little confused with exactly what I should be doing. I do have so many interests and loves I feel I should and can pursue but of-course that won't make no money at the moment, hence the education/degree route first. Well hey, at least I would have the degree to fall back on. Anywayz, I'm sorry guys that my first post/2nd post (however way you look at it) is a rant. Can't help it. That's how I feel now. On to other things. I really really want a camera. A good good camera. One of those SLR's, yah know. That way this blog can be so much more fun, interactive and creative. I also do need a new look on this blog. Maybe that should be my new project. I'd like to involve you guys too! So finger's crossed new things, more stability and consistency, dedication to the people of blogsville, commitment and so help me God, I shall live up to the expectations of my followers (wait, do I have any anymore?) *shrug* Oh well! I'm really really tired and sleepy, hence the funny talk! Adios people. (I'll leave y'all with my last year May's graduation picture)

Have a Lavy night. Smooches.

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