Friday, October 22, 2010

Lemon-Juice Skin treatment

Hi guys, I haven't kept to my promise but I will make it up soonest. This is going to be a short and straightforward one. Lately, I have been reacting to makeup or my new cleanser (Clinique) not sure which one yet. Or, it could just be my hormones. Anyway, I was reading a lot of articles, blogs, books (whatever I could get my hands or eyes on) to find out what I can use to clear up the mess that has begun and I decided to go the natural route because God knows it is way cheaper and I'm just tired of all the things out there that could be good for one but in the end utterly useless. I stumbled on the lemon skin treatment on a blog I recently found. After reading more on it from eHow I decided to go with it. Here is one of the links; lemon juice treatent. So as I type, I have lemon juice squeezed all over my face, I hope to be consistent with it and see what it looks like in the next two weeks (this is the time it takes to see results.) Unfortunately, I can't show you what my breakout looks like now for a before shot. This is a time when I wish I had my camera already! Oh well. I am working on it so please be patient, I'll soon have yummy pictures to keep this blog exciting and alive!

Have a lovely friday night or am folks!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Hello!! Is anyone there? Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please come back!!!!!! Pretty pleasee.

I have been very bad I know. It's been half a year already and not even 1 post for each month. Arghhh and I know my excuses of being so caught up with real life, or my trying to figure out the future excuses won't cut it this time. I'm sowwwy...I've really missed blogging though, it's just that sometimes I get the usual writer's block, lazy, extremely tired and oh yea LAZY! I have to work harder on this. Now I'm sure you all aren't that mean so I'm guessing I've been forgiven. Right? Yeah!!! Thanks. Lol.

So on to blog business. Where do I even begin from. I have so much on my mind to dish to you all that I feel like I need to organize it in several post. I may just do that. Actually first things first, I am thinking of redesigning my blog to reflect my true character. I am not sure just how yet but I want a big change. I also want a change in the categorizations of my topics. Seeing as I like a great number of things, I want to have posts on fashion, rants, Blog favs, relationships, Cafes and restaurants in Atlanta (oh yea!), awesome boutique finds, maybe an OOTD (stole that from another of my fav blogs), Makeup (Did I tell you all that I have a new love! Will tell you more about it), *thinking some more* Well you get the picture. I should probably have days for the topics too right? But then too much conformity may bore me or y'all. I'll just post as they come.

Next, catching up. I still don't know where to being from *wailing hysterically, because, I can't make up my mind on where to start from*

Oh yeah let's start from late April then transition through my graduation, life after graduation, new found love; makeup, road trip, braces, work and then finally fall!

So after graduation in early may things were errr NORMAL, it didn't even seem like I just got through a huge phase in my life. I went back to work and a very long summer. This summer for some strange reason I did not travel to explore some exotic land. It was and is work work work. I'm thankful I have the job though!

I took a mini break in July. The boo and I went on a roadtrip to Raleigh, NC. That was about the only break I had the whole summer. Then it was back to work. Also In July, I got my braces!!! (Really glad about this because I have dreamed of straighter teeth like forever) Mind you I didn't have the worst teeth. My dear sister and best friend went to NC for grad school and thus relocated :( in July too. It was bittersweet. I also found my new love; MAKEUP about then to nurse all the wounds...just joking but I became crazy about it with all the awesome blogs out there; temptalia and IslandBeauty (some of my favorites, do check them out) I splurged on so much makeup goodies one would have thought I was on crack makeup. I still have more on my wishlist, I just need to nurse the wallet back to its original state before beginning once more.
Ahhh let me see, I think I covered the significant things in a nutshell. Yeah, I also attended numerous weddings too! Well, I'm off to go prepare for Desperate housewives.

Please do stop by soon! I will try to be more consistent. Love you all lots.