Friday, February 19, 2010

Cheating the Norm now?

Why do men cheat? Hell Why do women cheat? I believe it is important to realize that both sexes are capable of cheating! But the question remains why? And I am aware that this is one of those topics that may have been exhausted but still I wonder.

The pleasure? (because boy is it temporary) I just don't understand and this is not coming from a woman that has been cheated on. I see it very predominant in the Nigerian culture now (well all over the world really but I am only capable of analyzing the nigerian culture because that's where I am from) Call me Biased...Whatever.

It's disappointing to see a mid-aged man and his wife with a family that seems so perfect, only to find out that the man spends all the money on an outside fellow while he neglects his family. The neglect that makes me even more upset is that that results to him spending lesser time on engaging in valuable activities with his family like traveling with, education of, exploring with, adventure with and developing his family.

Arghhhh I could go on and on! but I'll stop here for now! I'll let you all give your opinions on this much talked about topic!

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Kash said...

I LOVE how you're being consistent now! Yay!!

Girl, I wonder about this topic everyday too. I watched so many talk shows etc where they tried to explain or analyze cheating and still I don't get it. It's crazy cos a couple of people have said males are incapapble of being monogomous...that it's in their genetic makeup! I think that's a lot of crap cos I think females cheat just as much, they just hide it better. As far as's way too prominent...downright disgusting at this point cos the men are not even ashamed anymore. *big sigh* Oh well...I'm done!