Thursday, March 4, 2010


I haven't been good with updating often like I did initially! I'm sowwwy. I've been mad busy and you know how you get no inspiration to write when your tired blah blah blah. But I'll try to update more often even if it's for eye candy for the day! I'll try didn't say it was a promise o!

Well, with me being busy and tired, I still had a little energy to browse other blogs and websites And I've come across some interesting finds! like how Nigerians are really chasing their dreams! It only makes me think and want to chase mine (I am not sure if I want to be an architect? maybe a designer of some sort or an entrepreneur?) Wait till the parents (especially the father) hear about that! Hmm

On to these young and very inspiring Nigerians:

Bella from BellaNaija was featured on Oprah! Wow yup! and it was her life long dream. She was on the Price of Beauty Show and talked about the price of beauty in Nigeria. I love her blog so much and I was only too happy to read her story! She also put up her picture which is a first I believe and she is definitely pretty! Nice to see strong beautiful women.

I have only started reading Onada's blog! I love it totally! And I feel like I know her. I love her fashion flare and she's a photographer as well! Her photographs are gorgeous! She also runs an online boutique; The White Dress Shop, with fabulous finds.

My cousin, who's the same age as me just published his first book on entrepreneurship! Kudos love!

I feel like I should feature my top 5 or top 10 soon! You know what, I'll do that. My top (something) for Young Nigerian (Something, I'll look for an appropriate classification)

So, who do you all admire in your various communities amongst the upcoming youngsters?

Have a wonderful day guys! I'm just starting mine!

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